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The pistachio's cultivation is a jewel of "La Catena" estate.

Valuable plant, really rare in Italy and in the whole world, our pistachio's trees are cultivated following strict principles of environmental sustainability. The implant is managed with minimally invasive practices and a negligible use of chemical substances. Those particular trees enrich the landscape with beautiful pink bunches and healthy resin perfume. The delicious fruit, with smelly and rosy husk, is characterized by delicate and aromatic taste if it's fresh, or

 strong and intense taste if it's dried. Pistachio's peculiarities are also colors that distinguish it around the world, the intense violet of endocarp and the gaudy green of soft cotyledons

DSC_0789 (4).JPG
  • Species: Pistacia Vera L.
  • Variety: mainly "Napoletana"
  • Implant age: 80 anni
  • Extension: 4 ha
  • Pedology: middle mixture soil, well drained, with lot of organic substance, slightly declivous
  • Climate: temperate/subtropical
  • Altitude: 220 meters
  • Cultivation techniques: light harrowing, poliannual pruning, beating harvest
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