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E.V.O oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained following the most stringent eco-friendly practices, ensuring the environment protection and a natural salubrity of our green gold. In all our estates, the old olive trees implants are composed by different and ancient local varieties. We don't treat them in any way, they are not irrigated and not chemically fertilized. The olives, coming from those trees, are picked by qualified staff, and milled in modern oil mills in few hours from the harvest. Our EVO oil is cold extracted and not filtered, keeping so unaltered its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. After natural decantation the oil is bottled, then stored in dark places and sheltered from heat sources.

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500 ml

our unique and elegant 500 ml gives an unfailing touch of style to your table.
ideal as a sought-after gift is also available in 1-4 piece gift boxes

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our 5 liter can is perfect for home use without losing style and quality.
elegant and refined will make your kitchen stand out.

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The label

our designer label has been made on "arconvert" anti-oil paper by the "nexla next label".
its elegant design and the brightness of the screen printing make our packaging exclusive and stylish

  • Species: Olea europaea L.
  • Variety: "Moresca","Biancolilla","Cerasuola","Giarraffa","Nocellara del Belice"
  • Implant age: "La Catena" 100 years;  "Torretta" 30 years; "Guccione" 80 years, "Ficodindia" 70 years.                           In each one are present some centuries old olive trees 
  • Extension: 2 ha"La Catena";  1 ha"Torretta"; 2 ha "Guccione"; 6 ha "Ficodindia"
  • Pedology: "La Catena" middle mixture soil, very fertile and well drained, flat; "Torretta" calcareus soil, stony, declivous; "Guccione" sandy soil, light, slightly declivous; "Ficodindia" sandy soil, very fertile thanks to volcanic substances, flat
  • Climate: temperate/subtropical
  • Altitude: "La Catena" 220 meters; "Torretta" 385 meters; "Guccione" 430 meters; "Ficodindia" 96 meters
  • Cultivation techniques: light harrowing, pluriannual pruning, beating harvest 

Average nutritional values for 100 g:

 Energy value:                900 kcal / 3698 kJ

 Fats:                                                            99,9 g

 of which satured                                   17 g

 Carbohydrates:                                       0 g

 Proteins:                                                      0 g

 Salt:                                                                0 g

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