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500 ml

our unique and elegant 500 ml gives an unfailing touch of style to your table.
ideal as a sought-after gift is also available in 1-4 piece gift boxes

  • Species: Olea europaea L.
  • Variety: "Moresca","Biancolilla","Cerasuola","Giarraffa","Nocellara del Belice"
  • Implant age: "La Catena" 100 years;  "Torretta" 30 years; "Guccione" 80 years, "Ficodindia" 70 years.                           In each one are present some centuries old olive trees 
  • Extension: 2 ha"La Catena";  1 ha"Torretta"; 2 ha "Guccione"; 6 ha "Ficodindia"
  • Pedology: "La Catena" middle mixture soil, very fertile and well drained, flat; "Torretta" calcareus soil, stony, declivous; "Guccione" sandy soil, light, slightly declivous; "Ficodindia" sandy soil, very fertile thanks to volcanic substances, flat
  • Climate: temperate/subtropical
  • Altitude: "La Catena" 220 meters; "Torretta" 385 meters; "Guccione" 430 meters; "Ficodindia" 96 meters
  • Cultivation techniques: light harrowing, pluriannual pruning, beating harvest 

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