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"Nero d'Avola" grape

Aziende agricole Gangitano

The “Nero d’Avola”, also known as “Calabrese”, is the most famous vine for red winemaking of the whole Sicily. Cultivated from time immemorial in our “La Catena” estate, the “Nero d’Avola” grape was thus transformed into an excellent wine until the Seventies of the last century. Today the unchanged quality of this valuable grape still lends itself to the conversion into high sugar content grape musts and to the most refined winemaking. Furthermore the wine obtained from our grape, according to the disciplinary, would get the protected designation of origin (DOP), that currently is the most qualifying one.

DSC_0401 (3).JPG
  • Species: Vitis vinifera L.
  • Variety: "Nero d'Avola"
  • Implant age: 13 years
  • Implant: marquee, 2,8 x 2,8, with drip system  
  • Extension: 2750 vines, 2,20 ha
  • Pedology: middle mixture soil, well drained, with lot of organic substance, flat
  • Climate: temperate/subtropical
  • Altitude: 202 meters
  • Cultivation techniques: one plowing, light harrowing, green and dry pruning, chemical treatments if is necessary, thinning fruits, hand harvest
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