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"Italia" grape

The “Italia Grape of Canicattì”, from more than fifty years, is a symbol of Made in Italy in the whole world. Obtained in the Twenties from the union of two precious vines, the table grape “Bicane” and the “Moscato d’Amburgo”, the Italia Grape is characterized by superb golden bunches, consisting of big acines with sweet, intense and muscat taste.

In our “La Catena” estate this variety best expresses its organoleptic and aesthetic features, thanks to a “terroir” rich in macro and micro elements, that have always given it a plus compared to all competitors.

  • Species: Vitis vinifera L.
  • Variety: "Italia grape"
  • Implant age: 13 years
  • Implant: marquee, 2,8 x 2,8, with drip system 
  • Extension: 1440 vines, 1,5 ha 
  • Pedology: middle mixture soil, well drained, with lot of organic substance
  • Climate: temperate/subtropical
  • Altitud: 202 meters 
  • Cultivation techniques: one plowing, light harrowing, green and dry pruning, chemical treatments if is necessary, hand harvest
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