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the almond tree is so suitable for agrigentino's land environments, that it has always been cultivated there, harmoniously with vines and olive trees, composing thus the typical landscape of our territory. The flowering, between january and march, is a wonderful show that enchants each viewer. Our almonds, obtained through sustainable agricultural practices, are a pure fount of flavor and healthiness for the whole family.

  • Species: Amygdalus communis L.
  • Variety: "Tuono"
  • Implant age: "La Catena" 20 years;  "Torretta" 6 years
  • Extension: 1 ha"La Catena";  3,8 ha"Torretta"
  • Pedology: "La Catena" middle mixture soil, well drained, hilly; "Torretta" calcareous soil, stony, flat
  • Climate: temperate/subtropical
  • Altitude: "La Catena" 220 meters; "Torretta" 385 meters
  • Cultivation techniques: light harrowing, pluriannual pruning, beating harvest
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